The Benefits of a Professional Tree Surgeon in Bracknell

Trees are a beautiful and essential part of our environment. However, they need the right care to maintain their health and safety. In Bracknell, hiring a professional tree surgeon can be the best decision for your green spaces.

Why Choose Professionals?

Professionals bring expertise and experience that's hard to match. They understand the unique needs of different tree species and are equipped with the right tools to perform tasks efficiently and safely. They can diagnose tree diseases early, provide necessary treatment, and offer advice on tree management.

Health and Safety

A professional tree surgeon in Bracknell prioritizes your safety. They are trained to perform potentially dangerous tasks, such as tree felling and limb removal, minimizing the risk of damage to property or injury to people. They also carry insurance, providing homeowners peace of mind.

Tree Health

Professional tree surgeons don't just cut trees; they nurture them. They can identify early signs of tree diseases or pest infestations and apply appropriate treatment. They also understand the right pruning techniques to encourage healthy growth and maintain the tree's aesthetic appeal.

Preservation and Aesthetics

Professionals can help maintain the aesthetic value of your landscape. They can shape trees and shrubs beautifully to enhance your property's curb appeal. Moreover, professionals can provide invaluable advice on tree preservation, ensuring your trees live a long, healthy life.

Investing in a professional tree surgeon in Bracknell is investing in the health and beauty of your trees. So, choose professionals who bring experience, expertise, and a passion for trees. Call Kings tree services if you require Tree Surgeons in Bracknell, Wokingham or Burghfield

Tree surgeons in Thatcham

Kings Tree care services cover Thatcham and have the experience and expertise to provide a comprehensive range of tree services. Tree surveys, felling and removals are all services that we can offer to help maintain the health and safety of your trees.

Tree surveys involve a thorough assessment of your trees to identify any issues such as disease, pests or damage caused by weather or age. Kings Tree care services will then provide specialist advice on how to best care for the trees and what services may be needed in order to keep them healthy and strong. Tree felling involves cutting down dead, diseased or dangerous trees in a safe and controlled way so as not to cause any harm or damage to nearby property. Tree removals involve carefully taking down an entire tree without causing undue stress on it, which can often be much more difficult than simply cutting it down.

In addition, Kings Tree care services in Thatcham provide advice on planting new trees and helping existing ones flourish. Tree pruning is also something that we can perform on younger trees in order to stimulate their growth and ensure they thrive over time. With regular maintenance from Tree Surgeons in Thatcham you can rest assured that your trees will remain healthy and vigorous for many years to come.

By hiring the professionals at Kings Tree care services you are ensuring that any work performed on your tree is done correctly and safely – no matter how big or small the job might be. We will also know when specific types of treatment might be beneficial for particular species of tree, so you don’t have to worry about making mistakes yourself.

If you require Tree surgeons in Thatcham. Make sure you look no further than Kings Tree care services, with their help, you can ensure that your garden is looking its very best!

Pollarding Trees: When and How to Do It Right

If you have tall trees on your property, you might be wondering when and how to pollard them. Pollarding is a pruning technique that involves the removal of branches from the top of a tree, leaving behind a “knob” or “stump” of branches at the top. It's an effective way to keep trees healthy and under control, but it can also be dangerous if done incorrectly. Let’s take a look at when and how to safely pollard tall trees in your yard.

When to Pollard The best time for pollarding is late winter or early spring, just before new growth begins. During this time, the tree has less sap running through it, which reduces stress on the tree when pruning takes place. This is also when you will have an easier time seeing where the major limbs are located since there won't be any leaves obscuring them. How to Pollard Before you begin pollarding your tall trees, make sure that you have all of the necessary safety equipment—including gloves, goggles, long pants and sleeves, sturdy shoes or boots—and tools—loppers (for branches up to 2 inches in diameter), a pole saw (for branches 2-4 inches in diameter), and a chainsaw (for anything larger). When you're ready to get started, follow these steps: • Carefully inspect the tree for deadwood or broken limbs that need to be removed first; these should be cut off at least 6 inches away from any live growth • Start by removing any side branches from the main trunk that are growing upwards • Continue removing side branches until only one branch remains at each level (these will become your "knobs" once pollarded) • Prune all remaining side shoots back as far as possible without damaging the bark.

Pollarding is an effective way to manage large trees on your property without risking their health. However, it's important that homeowners understand how and when to safely perform this type of pruning if they want their trees to remain healthy and look good for years to come. By following these tips outlined above, you can ensure that your tall trees stay in shape while keeping yourself safe throughout the process. Call today to book your free quote from a qualified Tree surgeon in Wokingham.

Facts About Buds!

During the warmer months, particularly after spring has started, plants and animals are waking from hibernation. This is also the case for trees, where their buds are sprouting in all different sizes and shapes. After a lot of sunlight has been stored during the summer, the energy that has built up helps to grow the size of the buds, as well as helping to grow new flowers, leaves and branches.

If you are having a stroll through the woods, you may notice there are different coloured buds on the trees, such as brown, yellow and red. Depending on the type of bud it is, it will change and adapt. If a bud is pollinated it will develop flowers that will grow into fruit. Growth buds will then develop behind this. Both growth and wood buds can grow if a shoot is carrying leaves but there are no flowers. Fruit buds will typically start flowering in April or May and will have little hairs on them. They will be surrounded by leaves to give it protection. Growth or wood buds have slim buds that are more pointed and smaller in appearance. Call today for more advice on your Tree services in Burghfield.

Earth Day 2022

Did you know that on Friday 22nd April, it was Earth Day? This day gets more popular every year, with businesses and organisations supporting the message of positive changes in the future. Every year there is a new theme, with 2022 being ‘Invest in Our Planet’. It aims to inspire people, governments and companies to change within the industry, in order to help the environment and planet.

Back in 1969, there was a terrible oil spill, which affected Santa Barbara’s coast in California. Since 1970 Earth Day became annual across the USA, with 20 million people taking part. Eventually Earth Day became popular across the world, with 141 countries joining in internationally in 1990.

Earth Day is still a highly supported date, with many events happening across the world. This year, New York City closed several streets on Saturday 23rd, in order to improve the quality of air and promote positive changes to the environment by making the streets car free! Several areas in the UK also joined in, particularly larger cities such as London, where people took part in a march to help promote the day. If you are looking for professional Tree services in Tilehurst, call Kings tree services.

How Old Is Your Tree?

Have you ever wondered how old the looming tree in your garden is? It’s not something we really think about, but there are actually a few ways you can figure it out. One way is to count the rings inside the trunk of the tree, but that can only really be done if a tree is at the end of life and is cut down. Of course, you can also perform a core boring to count the rings within the sample, but this can damage the tree badly. You don’t actually have to harm the tree to see how old it is, as there are kinder ways to check.

For instance, a way to check without being invasive, is to estimate. This can be done quite accurately by measuring the circumference of the trunk, around five feet from the bottom. Depending on the sort of tree (due to the difference in growth rates) you should be able to work it out. A UK average growth speed is 2.5cm each year, which can be applied to varieties such as beech, ash, hazel and elm, whereas a tree like pine or sycamore can be 3cm. Smaller growths ranging from 1.25cm and 1.88cm can be linked to trees such as oak. So, to work out the age you need to identify the type of tree and then divide the girth by the growth rate.

For example, an oak tree that has a circumference of 100cm, which is divided by the yearly growth of 1.88cm would be 53.2 years old! If you think about how long some trees have been around for, quite a few of them would have seen the world go by for quite a while. For a free detailed quotation on any tree work, call the Tree Surgeons in Bracknell, call Kings.

Why Are Trees Important For Wildlife?

Trees, particularly mature ones, are full of benefits for wildlife such as birds, insects, bats and other creatures. Areas with less woodland cover are particularly crucial as the trees there will be vital homes, especially when there’re no other habitats to be found. In large areas of woodland, trees are regarded as spaces for these creatures to rest and keep safe whilst moving through.

In agricultural areas, trees are important as sources of shelter and food, particularly for bats and birds. They help protect them from predators and the elements, so they can nest and raise their young. Older trees, such as veteran species, help to provide more support to wildlife and have more value. For instance, deadwood can host insects, birds and bats, as well as several fungi. The flaking bark and hollowed out parts can make a crucial habitat, as well as giving nutrients to the soil when it decomposes. By doing so, it helps to support new trees to grow, therefore starting the cycle all over again. Call us for all Tree services in Burghfield and Wokingham.

Fun Tree Facts!

Did you know that trees aren’t just something nice to look at visually? There are lots of benefits to the environment and to us! For instance, did you know that the oxygen they produce assists us in our own lives?

Depending on the species of tree they can live for a long time, even hundreds of years. This is even with bad weather and the environment around them changing. For instance, Pine Trees are an example of an adaptable species, which can survive happily in several continents.

When a tree grows, it doesn’t grow all at once. Different parts will grow at different times during the year. Their foliage will generally grow during the spring months. In the warmer months is when their trunk tends to grow and their roots grow slowly during their dormant period.

Did you know that technically trees can communicate with each other? When they are infested with insects and pests they can make chemicals called phenolics which tells other trees to do so themselves, so they look after themselves and the ones around them!

Should I Use a Professional Tree Surgeon?

Maintaining our gardens is something that most people enjoy, but occasionally if you have trees you may be stuck for an idea of what to do. You may not know how to keep them healthy and safe, which is why you should use an expert. If you don’t take care of your trees correctly, they will start to wear out and get tired and damaged. If you’re concerned about the cosmetic aspects of your garden this isn’t what you want. But you also need to make sure your garden is safe, which can be done with an expert.

Using an inexperienced person to prune your trees, or if you try and do it yourself can cause more issues than you’d think. Pruning is a good idea to help with the health of your trees (as well as delicately trimming it when it is dormant), but you need to make sure you do it correctly. A professional will make sure it is done correctly and without causing problems.

Something you can personally look out for, are issues such as tree branches that have died, which could potentially drop on to people, or even power lines. However, you should always get a professional to remove them, as they will know how to do it safely. They can use the correct tools and machinery (as ladders aren’t always sturdy), with correct training, especially when it comes to health and safety. When you need to choose what to do, just think that an expert will reassure you and help to make your garden and trees safe and healthy. If you need a Tree Surgeon in Bracknell call us today.

The Advantages of Hedge Cutting

A hedge can be seen as an eco-friendly fence, giving the garden an aesthetically pleasing feature, which also adds to the privacy. However, one of the main benefits of maintaining a healthy hedge is the safety of your property, particularly when it is bad weather with the wind blowing and rain lashing down. If the hedges of your garden are not pruned correctly, then there will be a risk of branches breaking and flying off, hitting your home or car. This can create significant damage.

If a hedge is pruned properly (by removing the unhealthy and dead plant parts), it also means health will improve, as this lowers the chance of bugs infesting it, as well as disease spreading. With regular cutting, it can help to create growth and keeps the plant in good condition. For this to be done properly, you should make sure to contact an expert as they can ensure the pruning is successful, without any risk of mess and uneven results. They will also be especially careful if the hedge needs removing completely. Kings tree care services are Tree surgeons in Wokingham, but can also carry out hedge cutting and all other garden services.

When Is the Best Time to Prune Trees?

Pruning is when particular branches are removed from shrubs or a tree. Doing this at the correct time of the year means they’ll be kept in excellent condition.

When a branch is unhealthy, injured or dead it will need tree surgery straight away. However, if it’s to look aesthetically pleasing, to shrink a plant growing too big or to rejuvenate a tree that has aged, then preferably you shouldn’t do it until either later on in the winter or the start of spring as less damage will be done. Dormant shrubs or trees can be worked on by tree surgeons at this point, as there is less disturbance on the plant. Until they wake for the spring, any lesions can heal, particularly before the next winter.

When a tree is dormant, it is much more straightforward to prune it. Leaves will not obstruct sight, and the branches are more noticeable. Preferably pruning should commence before any plants sprout. Sap can escape if pruning is done at the start of spring, but this is not usually something to worry about. However, if there are any concerns, then it is always best to get advice from a professional. Call us for a full advice service on your trees, or if you require Tree Surgeons in Wokingham.

Caring For Your New Trees

For the first years of their life trees need to be treated carefully. So after planting them you need to let others know where they are so they aren’t harmed from a potential lawn mower incident! Mowing the grass should be done carefully and away from the tree.

The next integral part of care is to keep the area around the tree clear of weeds. This will help it to stay healthy and nourished.

Watering the tree will only be needed if it has been particularly hot for a while, as most trees can adjust to their environment.

Newly planted trees will often use guards or sticks to keep them straight and balanced. So you need to make sure they are tightly pushed into the ground.

After a few years these will be removed so the trees can continue to develop and grow.

These are just a few things to help care for your trees in the early years but when in doubt, get advice from a professional tree surgeon. Call to arrange a free tree inspection by our qualified Tree surgeons in Wokingham.

How to tell if a tree in your garden is diseased
Trees can easily thrive with the millions of microscopic organisms that make the tree their home and thus it is rare for a tree to be completely disease-free. Some trees, however, cannot fight off particular types of disease and when this happens you may see some signs:

  • • Defoliation – leaves falling when they should not be doing so
  • • Branches looking dead
  • • Decay – crumbling wood or fungus
  • • Leaf blight -dead spots on the leaves
  • • Root decay
  • • Fungus in bark
  • • Missing bark

Is my Tree diseased? contact a local Tree surgeon in Didcot who can tell you if your tree is diseased and can be saved.

Thatcham to build new Ice Centre
An ice rink to train elite athletes has been approved in Thatcham after West Berkshire planners gave the green light. The members-only training centre will be used to coach aspiring competitors in ice hockey, figure skating, speed skating and sledge hockey.

Although the rink is planned to be members-only, there is scope for school groups to attend and to run clubs during holidays. The new centre will feature a real ice training pad, a synthetic speed skating pad and an off-ice training area.

For a professional tree-surgeon in Thatcham, contact Kings Tree care services today.

Taking care of your trees
The recent long, hot and dry summer will have had an impact on our trees. Trees are often taken for granted but there is a lot of scientific evidence to support the idea that not only do trees communicate with each other they protect other trees in their immediate vicinity, either by supporting them with shelter or providing food through their network of roots.

The recent long, hot and dry summer will have had an impact on our trees. Trees are often taken for granted but there is a lot of scientific evidence to support the idea that not only do trees communicate with each other they protect other trees in their immediate vicinity, either by supporting them with shelter or providing food through their network of roots.

If you are concerned about the health of your tree you can arrange a free tree inspection with a qualified company such as Kings Tree Care Services Reading.

Didcot and Wantage Tree surgeons
We have over 17 year's experience in dealing with trees in the Reading area, and each year our understanding of the trees has increased dramatically, meaning our level of competence to identify trees that are in danger has also increased. UK Law does require that home and land owners take reasonable care with all their trees, so labelling a fallen tree as 'an act of God' is no longer acceptable.

So, to take 'reasonable care' with your trees, some form of tree inspection system must be undertaken and to cover oneself, against future action the inspection should be recorded.

Kings tree services undertake tree reports that will identify likely risks by undertaking a thorough assessment of the possible harm that could be caused should the tree fail. For example, a tree next to a major road is likely to need a thorough inspection by a qualified person, whereas a tree in a private garden is unlikely to cause so much harm to passers-by.

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